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The devastating effects of prolonged conflict have left communities shattered and resources scarce. Children, the most vulnerable among us, are bearing the brunt of this crisis. Innocent and defenseless, they are forced to endure hunger pains that gnaw away at their fragile bodies and dim the light in their eyes. Every passing day without sustenance robs them of their vitality, their future, and their hope. 

On the Brink of Despair and Famine

Amidst this crisis, TIF has made the bold decision to redirect all our resources in coming month towards a singular mission: 


Providing 500 displaced families; 3,700 individuals, including 2,500 children, with a a daily meal of hearty nutricious soup and freshly baked bread, complemented by clean, life-sustaining drinking water.

At a cost of less than €2 per person per day, our mission requires $50,000 every week, ensuring that no one goes hungry. Your support is not just a donation; it's a lifeline for families on the brink of starvation. It's a testament to our shared humanity and our unwavering commitment to stand with those in need. 


Together, let's turn the tide against hunger and rewrite the story of resilience and hope for generations to come.

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